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Elliot Nihil

Owner / Producer / Engineer

Elliot Nihil is the founder of Studio Nihil, an audio & recording studio, located in Northern Colorado.


Elliot is a multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer. Passionate about music production, he leans heavily on the collaborative effort, urging bands to release music that will impress and defy the scene.


Confident and relentless, Elliot understands the immense talent that musicians carry and strives to support and boost individuals in their artistic development. He is dedicated to his product and a fervent teacher that enjoys delving into the fine details of crafting songs and understanding sound & frequencies.


Elliot enjoys Magic the Gathering and spending time with his dog, Donut.

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Marshall Allen

Engineer / Operations / Live

Marshall is a lifelong drummer and aspiring audio engineer. He strives to better his crafts through new opportunities and experiences. Creating a healthy, collaborative recording environment is Marshall's foundation.

Born into a music centric family, Marshall grew up in the Boston garage-rock scene. At 15, he moved to Colorado and collaborated with several local artists, jumping head first into Denver's pop punk scene, then expanding into street punk roots and various genres. The pandemic pushed him to explore new territories, leading to a newfound passion of recording and mixing for other artists. Marshall works in conjunction with Studio Nihil, dedicated to helping artists showcase their truest potential with the same passion he pours into his own work.

Marshall enjoys trying new recipes and automotive projects in his free time.

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